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Point-Click-YouTube: Exilim From Casio

It’s getting even easier to post video for worldwide distribution without giving any thought to things like craft, composition or editing. From your ugly baby to your embarrassingly drunken antics, there are fewer and fewer things stopping you from sharing your so incredibly precious moments!

The new Exilim cameras from Casio have a built-in setting specifically for YouTube and bundled software that promises to make it as easy as 1-2-3 to get those videos off the camera and on to the popular video sharing site. The $300 EX-S880 and the $230 EX-Z77 both offer the same 640×480, 30fps, H.264 encoded video setting optimized for YouTube. Though they don’t mention it in the press release, that same setting will also work for Apple’s line of video devices including the video iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.


Casio promises that the cameras will ship next month. Earlier we covered the Flip Video from Pure Digital, which similarly promises ease-of-upload to YouTube as well as Sony’s Grouper sharing site — Lisa Harper posted a great hands-on review of the Flip.

It’s interesting to see consumer electronics manufacturers jumping on the YouTube bandwagon by touting simple interoperability, which could serve to reinforce YouTube’s dominance as not just a place to watch video, but a place to post it as well.

Via Gizmodo.

9 Responses to “Point-Click-YouTube: Exilim From Casio”

  1. Yes, it will be interesting to see how that works with uploading — I have a bad feeling Internet Explorer will be involved. And you’re right, Scott, the video format it outputs is basically supported by almost any site and, as I pointed out, nearly every Apple product.

    It’s just goes to show how dominant YouTube is in the public consciousness I think.

  2. It’s funny how that codec sounds so proprietary to You Tube, when in fact, it’s the most common for all web video. It’s like what AOL did with keywords. The most FAQ will be: Can I upload my video to other video sites?