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MDA Has CookBook Update

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MDA-CookBookThe CookBook application which was one of the 3 top spots in the My Dream App competition has some updated details. The pictures sure are pretty, and it looks like things are really coming together nicely. From the post, it sounds like it’s nearly decided to be Leopard-only, so we’ll assume no release until at least October of this year. Looks mighty tasty – check it out!

7 Responses to “MDA Has CookBook Update”

  1. Worst… interface… ever!

    Seriously. Apple worked so hard to calm down the crazy, all-over-the-place UI themes, and these guys go out into left field with the strange “wood” look to it!

    I’ve said before that I didn’t think that Cookbook would be very useful, but the interface is pretty bad. They should stick with the standard Leopard theme, or if they want to be different, they can try a darker grey or something.