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Maemo Wordpy shows versatility of Nokia’s Internet Tablets

MaemowordpyI realize not everyone here is a blogger, but I wanted to share this tidbit to further illustrate the versatility of the Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets. The devices themselves are functional enough, but it’s the third-party open source development that truly extends these devices. As I’ve said before, I see this as the biggest "make it or break it factor" for Palm’s Foleo; by itself it’s functional, but it would truly shine with the right application support.

Back to the tidbit: Maemo Wordpy was recently updated for the Nokias. What is it? It’s a front-end interface to WordPress blogs. James has frequently commented to me that the Nokia N800 is a fantastic tool for blogging and I’d agree. I’d actually agree even more if we used WordPress because Maemo WordyPy looks great!

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  1. @ Mike Cane there is an error in the link not on the Maemo website. A quick google of your name brings up an interesting spate of anti Nokia rants are you mentally ok, it seems like you have decided to follow the path of rabbid Nokia hater, its quite strange. Why don’t you just quietly put the N800/N770 down back and back away slowly and return to your happy Mac world.

  2. LMFAO

    The link to it gives me:

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    Yep, just about what I expect for The Nokia Experience.

  3. Another cool feature for the n800 ( I love the Skype). But it comes against the backdrop of the iPhone and once again brings to mind that the n800 would be a fantastic telephone if only Nokia would just drop in a cellular module. Then we wouldn’t have to hunt endlessly for WiFi hotspots.

    Everything works GREAT on the n800, but I have to put it away to make a phone call out of WiFi range, and I have zero internet connectivity out of WiFi range.

    I swear…a big branch of the portable device tree is growing rapidly in the direction of the iPhone, or the n800 with cell capability.

    High resolution, large, pocketable screen. Programability. Great speakers and sound (it is my favorite radio, and that’s listening to New York radio in California!), plus all the Google functions anywhere, anytime (calendar, reader, maps…all fantastic).

    Great power in the pocket or purse. I’ll bet that the portable device scene will be much different next year this time, or certainly in two years. I can’t wait!

    Santa Monica

  4. Yup, once I finally got Python 2.5 installed on my 770, I was able to use this app. Back when I evaluated the N800, I had trouble installing Python (I tried the procedure from MaemoWordPy’s site, but it didn’t work…should’ve just installed it directly from its site on (IIRC?)) so I just gave up on it, since I was near the end of my eval period.

    Glad I tried it again with the 770. It’ll be pretty handy sometimes, even though I do most of my blog posting from the ScribeFire FF extension these days.