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Awkward Pictures Win YouTube “Sketchie”

The voting is in, and Payman and Sean of Awkward Pictures have taken home the first YouTube “Sketchies” award with their series of three shorts. The camera work and editing are a cut above, and the simplicity of the scenes belies how much more work went in to producing these shorts. It’s as though they had experience producing comedy shorts for film festivals!

The first, Waffle, was nearly conceptual in its simplicity. For the second round, FriendBuddies trotted out the tried and true ad-spoof trope. In the final round, they gave a starring role to a pug for Rodney & Zak — since talking dogs, and pugs in particular, are always funny.

Now the team gets a budget and equipment to produce an original short for Sierra Mist’s Lemon Squeeze site, as well as a meeting with an agent. As of this post, first and second runners up have yet to be announced.