U.S. Lawyers Seek Low-Cost Advice From Indian Doctors Via Web Site

An American lawyer is touching base with Indian medical experts to assist with U.S. legal cases through her Web site MDinaBox Dorothy Clay Sims handles cases against medical insurers that refuse to pay for treatments that her clients say they deserve. [via Voice of America]But expert medical advice for a case could cost her client more than $1,000 an hour. That cost has now been reduced to $90 an hour as Sims hires medical experts in India and has made the the service available to other American lawyers through an Internet-based business called MD in a Box. But the lawyer has encountered problems ranging from cultural misunderstandings to money that disappeared while being processed by an Indian accountant.
This is yet another area of outsourcing that could see strong growth and it waits to be seen if hospital groups like Apollo try to be a part of this business. But it makes me wonder if medical service in India will take a hit as Indian doctors become a part of the outsourcing revolution.