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Ebay India Eases Checkout Process, Hopes To Increase Traffic

eBay India has added new features to make it easier and quicker for users to buy fixed price items on the site. [via] “While auctions will always be an important part of the eBay India business, we’ve also noticed that a large number of our sellers and buyers who trade in new items in categories such as electronics, mobile phones and computers prefer the fixed price format,” said eBay India country manager Rajan Mehra. With the new checkout process user clicking on a ‘Buy it now,’ or fixed price, item can check out the shopping items and complete the payment flow in three steps. According to a recent eBay consumer study, a large segment of Indian online users found online shopping complex. With the new fixed price shopping format, eBay India hopes to tap these non-shoppers.

4 Responses to “Ebay India Eases Checkout Process, Hopes To Increase Traffic”

  1. This is a brilliant thought – of easing the check out process!

    It certainly is important to allow customers feel comfortable and not-confused in order for them to make a purchase not only once, but repeatedly. I am sure this can contribute positively in making e-commerce more popular in India.