Startup Watch: Vakaka, the Chinese Joost

Reader James Ding writes in to tell us about the latest online video innovation in China, where IPTV startup Vakaka launched its X-TV beta this week.

Vakaka provides video on demand and live streaming via P2P for free. Ding tells us, “Unlike Joost or Babelgum, Vakaka X-TV provides VOD and live streaming at the same time. So you can both view a VOD film from Vakaka X-TV and a real-time concert scene. Vakaka X-TV has a Joost-like UI, including channel zone, widget zone, playing control zone, and setting zone.”

Ding attests that 3,000 hours of video programs are available including “the latest films and the hottest soap dramas in China,” with many under 500 kbps to accomodate lower bandwidth users. He spoke with Vakaka CEO William Shi, who said the company has no external funding to date. Other Chinese competitors in the P2P TV space include PPlive, PPstream, UUsee, and QQlive, though they are focused on streaming rather than VOD. [digg=]


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