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My iPhone Confession; AT&T has more coming


So after all the ranting and raving about not buying the iPhone, I bought one. Okay there I said it. I admit! I am an iPhone-y!

A visit to the Apple store, and one glance at the shiny pretty thing, I was smitten. I bought the 8 GB version, so it cost me pretty. How long I am going to stay enamored with this device… I can’t say?

When it comes to phones, being loyal just doesn’t work for. You have read the reviews elsewhere, so I am not going to bother writing one. It has been two days since I have had one and one conclusion: You Tube is stupid on iPhone. iChat would have been better.

In case you are looking to buy one, folks from AT&T say they have a fresh batch arriving tomorrow. Now that’s the only real information in this post.

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  1. It’s like you took the thoughts right out of my head. I’ve been saying all along that I won’t get the first version, that apple will always release a better version later… and now i find myself dreaming of one.

  2. This device is so media share friendly. It actually makes it fun sharing video with others and because it doubles as a iPod and a internet tablet it still can be carried with you while you take the sim card out and put it in your media creation device like the Nokia n95 or your business device like the Blackberry. Ingenius!!

  3. Apple must be secretly releasing some complex molecules in the air that immitate human ferimones and instigate impulsive behavior … Not picking on the iPhone — just the AT&T service … eek!!

  4. I couldn’t resist either.

    I bought one on opening day but just kept it as a fancy ipod with wifi. but the screen just kept calling out to me.

    So starting yesterday, I’m putting my blackberry in the drawer and going cold turkey for one week to see how it goes with the iPhone only.

    Should be interesting.

  5. I’m surprised that A-list Bloggers like yourself post articles in incorrect english. As if it’s not enough in emails, IMs and SMS’s! It’s sometimes a pain to read articles by amateur bloggers since they are focussed more on quick posts without really worrying about grammar. However, this can’t be expected from established bloggers with credentials… whatever the size and urgency of the blog post.

    Allow me to point out some basic mistakes and corrections in your article:

    • “visit to the Apple store, and one glance” : Why the “and” after the comma?

    • “so it cost me pretty” : Write this instead – cost me a pretty big sum (if you must use the word pretty)

    • “How long I am going to stay….” : Correct usage is – How long am I going to stay…

    • “…I can’t say?” – The question mark is not needed. The sentence should have read: I can’t say how long I’m going to stay enamored with this device.

    • “being loyal just doesn’t work for.” – For WHOM? You? Me? Why cut the sentence at for? Are you in a rush?

    • “It has been two days since I have had one and one conclusion: ” – the words one and one are confusing. Sentence should have been – It has been two days since I’ve used it and there’s one conclusion.


  6. 1 more piece of news: Apple has removed the limit 2 per customer restriction on iPhones. This tells me there is plenty of supply in the channel. If you look on eBay, there are only 1000 listings for iPhones; compare to 6000+ last week…
    Abbi Vakil

  7. Om,
    Other than increased page views for, there’s no way for Apple or Google to monetize this traffic. Wonder if the new Nielsen ratings will eliminate iPhone related traffic from their calculations/ ratings. What do you think?

  8. Paul,

    I was using N73/E61 combo. I still like those two phones, and it is hard to give them up. I will report back – in less than four lines how i feel about iPhone in a month.

  9. Nick,

    now that you ask, i am down by about 21 pounds which makes it about 2 sizes on the waist. i wish rest of the march to 40 was that easy. still 21 means better sleep, less back pain and clothes that don’t fit no more. thanks for asking.

  10. paul johnson roberts

    Hah! I knew you wouldn’t be able to last! What the hell, for you it’s a biz expense, right?

    I am not a big YouTube fan myself (and will welcome iChat when it gets to the iPhone). However, I have found myself watching it more than ever just when I’m waiting for people. That’s if I’m not surfing. The thing is addictive because it’s actually for the first time made mobile web pleasurable. But I probably should back off the YouTube.

    I think you’ll find some more things to wish for in addition to iChat, but I would expect some improvements not to far off via software update. At least that’s the promise.

    We def don’t need another review (thank you), but I would be interested in your first week’s impressions, particularly compared to whatever you used before (can’t remember).

  11. Ha! What happened, Om? Did you lose all self restraint once you entered the store? I have a similar problem every time I walk into an Apple store.

    Two months ago I tried in vein to convince myself that I didn’t need a new Mac portable. I walked into my Apple local store…went over to the MacBook display. A salesperson came over to me and asked if I needed some help. As if by reflex I said…”Yes, I’d like to buy a MacBook”.

    Moments like that frighten me. I never know what ELSE I may be capable of.

  12. george

    Welcome to the club. Apple will do very very well with iPhone. In my company (granted it’s bunch of software engineers) we had 7 people picked up the phone already. It’s spreading….