Facebook vs MySpace: The Tale of the Tape


There has been a lot of talk about Facebook unseating MySpace as the top social network. While that may (or may not) happen sometime in the future, the so-called gray lady of Social Networks is holding its own.

What is more interesting is that even though Facebook platform opened up to more apps, the Palo Alto-based start-up saw an actual decline in its page views. (Comps below the fold) [digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Facebook_vs_MySpace_The_Tale_of_the_Tape]


One could see some further declines in Facebook’s numbers, since their core demographic, the college crowd isn’t going to be around much to obsesses about well, Facebook. Nevertheless, Facebook’s year-over-year growth is pretty impressive. For June, the page views were up 143% while the unique visitors were up 103%. In comparison, MySpace page views and uniques grew 54% and 35% respectively.

This one will be interesting race to watch.


Myspace Glitters

I think that Facebook will own Myspace. Facebook is much more popular right now and its member base is stil increasing and I think that many myspace users now have a facebook profile, too.

Affiliated Business

Facebook and Myspace are quite different in their nature. It is not absolutely correct to compare them. And Facebook has no chances to outrun Myspace at least because it is just a good social networking site but Myspace is perfectly suitable for social advertising. Nine of ten emails I get form Myspace are spam advertizing from multi-level marketing scams or porno sites. At Facebook you won’t have that dimension of spam traffic.


Well, I love it when I predict something. Myspace took another cue from Facebook and added a status updates/mood feature on the front page, and then a link to click to view all friend status updates. It debuted today for a few hours; then they took it offline to tweak it (which annoyed me… don’t put someone on the main page unless it’s ready to go, IMO), but, none the less, it’s there. They are adapting and evolving and integrating ideas from other networks. So, again, don’t underestimate Myspace. And I would agree with Gerry about errors– I am tired of them on Myspace, that is my biggest gripe.

As for the ‘self-indulgent’ profiles of Myspace– well, I don’t like glitter graphic clogged profiles either, but I like to design mine– it’s fun, something I don’t get from Facebook. Perhaps in the future Myspace could add a feature where one could turn ‘off’ seeing graphics and code in other profiles as one browses the site, just see the default Myspace profile and text instead; might be a popular option for people out there who are still on dialup.

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