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60Frames Gives Pros a Ticket to Web Video

Why should indie video creators have all the fun? A new venture called 60Frames Entertainment launched today, promising “professional content creators access to financing, speed to market, greater ownership over their intellectual property and participation in all revenue streams including advertising.”

The company, incubated by United Talent Agency and web ad firm Spot Runner, has raised $3.5 million in funding from investors including Tudor Investment Corporation and Robert Pittman’s the Pilot Group. Its CEO is Brent Weinstein, who formerly headed up digital projects and secured deals for web stars such as Ask a Ninja.

60Frames has a lot of FunnyorDie — the Sequoia-Will Ferrell project — in it, but promises be more of a syndicator than a destination site, sending short comedy films out to other video sites. It has signed Joel and Ethan Coen as content creators and advisors.

Weinstein told the New York Times the company is looking to create short videos costing “in the thousands, not hundreds of thousands” of dollars to produce, with the creators retaining a major ownership stake.

The company is notable for its close integration with advertising, born out of parent Spot Runner, which helps local business get their ads on television. “60 Frames is the direct response to the growing interest in the Internet by professional artists and their requirement that it be as business-friendly as possible,” said Jeremy Zimmer, board member and partner at UTA, in the official release. Advertisers are being solicited directly through the site to place 5-, 10-, and 15-second spots, sponsorships, and product placement.

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