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NWS-DJ Watch: Murdoch’s Not Very Sunny In Sun Valley

AP’s Seth Sutel got a usable comment out of Rupert Murdoch as the News Corp. chairman made his way at the Allen & Co. annual fete Sun Valley soirĂ©e. “They keep changing their minds,” Murdoch said, referring to the Bancrofts. No usable comment on Brad Greenspan’s white knight application. (Seth says he “appeared frustrated.”)

In related news, playing the dual roles of Hunter Thompson (without the best props) and Andrew Ross Sorkin, David Carr reports that Murdoch appeared to have yogurt on his lunch plate. We report; you decide.

David also reports that Murdoch arrived at Sun Valley “looking fit and confident, sort of like a guy who is about to pull off yet another monster deal. Mr. Murdoch is, as always, a subject of interest, but all the more so because he could go for done at the end of this week on his $60-a-share deal for Dow Jones, publisher of the storied business newspaper.”

Also on Murdoch/mogul patrol: Ken Li of Reuters, who admits reporters “will be keeping a close eye on Murdoch

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