Nokia Finally Embeds Skype Into Handsets; Also Rok


Now that it figured out that Wi-Fi phones would becomes common (Nokia itself is pushing many of those), it has finally embedded Skype onto one of its “phones”…well, it is not a phone technically, it is the N800 Internet Tablet device. Skype for the Nokia N800 will be available for download for existing users…I have one and will try it out later. There will also be Skype download links on the latest release of Nokia N800 devices which will be available at retail and on the Skype online store. More here. Would be interesting to see when Skype gets embedded on other Nokia Wi-Fi compatible handsets like N95.

In related news, Nokia is embedding a trial version of mobile TV service ROK TV in its E65 and E61i phones…Two channel packages will be offered – a 5 channel ‘Strictly Business’ package, to be charged in the UK at GBP 5.00 a month, with a heavy emphasis on business news and information channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC Europe, EuroNews in 9 languages and regional news channels, and a 10 channel ‘ROK All’ TV package, to be charged at GBP10.00 a month containing all the live business news channels as well as additional sports news, music videos and comedy channels. As a trial, both TV packages will be free to view for the first 2 weeks. More here.

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