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Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

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Unbox Movies Direct to TiVo; starting today, TiVo subscribers can order movies from Amazon’s Unbox using only their remote control. (AP)

Study Supports Sponsored P2P, with Sprint sponsoring free music over file sharing networks, free content in exchange for sponsored advertising could catch on according to INTENT MediaWorks. (release)

MyVu Drops Price for Solo; the maker of geeky viewing goggles that produce a heads-up display for portable media devices now selling units for $200. (release)

Sony Readies PS3 Video Downloads, with an announcement of TV and movie services to rival the XBox 360 expected at the E3 conference. (Newsweek)

Revision3 Sends DiggDown Nastygram, asks DiggDown site to cease and desist redistributing zero-day Diggnation releases available only to paid subscribers. (Wired)

New Tech Video Show, The New Disruptors, on CNNMoney and iTunes. (The Next Net)