Old Media Jumping to New Media


People are getting antsy this summer! Sources tell us this afternoon that PC Magazine editor in chief Jim Louderback has left to become the new CEO of Revision3, and CNET host Veronica Belmont has left to make video for Jason Calacanis’ search startup Mahalo.

Belmont is leaving an associate editor position at CNET where she hosts audio and video shows Buzz Out Loud and Crave. She confirmed the switch before getting on a flight to Los Angeles this afternoon.

Jay Adelson had previously been CEO of both Revision3 and Digg; he will now be CEO of only Digg. Valleywag is calling Louderback’s departure a firing (and also saying CNET axed its video team) but we’re hearing the opposite.

See Belmont and Louderback in action in the videos below:

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