On Rediff’s New Social Content Sharing Platform – Ishare


I’ve been going through Rediff iShare – a social content sharing platform that the company launched today. On the face of it, the concept reminds me of esnips. Content being shared on the site includes videos, music files, photographs, and Rediff is trying the viral route by allowing users to embed content on their blogs and sites. They can post comments and vote for content.

A social content sharing platform is an understandable extension of the concept of having unlimited email, with one major difference: Copyrighted content in an email can’t be preyed upon as easily by legal eagles. Take a look at the music that’s been uploaded. Rediff has incorporated appropriate escape clauses in its terms and conditions (see points 5 to 9). An extract:

“Rediff.com is under no obligation to monitor or review the user contributed content. Rediff.com assumes no responsibility for the content, no obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate messages/content and no responsibility for the conduct of any user of this service. However, Rediff.com reserves the right to review the content posted and to remove any content in its sole discretion.”

Additionally, one can also report abuse. However, I still one major hitch which might hamper uptake of the site – Rediff requires you to install a 1.64 mb software to upload content. To promote iShare, Rediff has tied up with Zee TV, allowing users to post their audio/video in an online talent hunt; the winner gets to perform at the finals of Zee’s music talent show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

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