got MyGame

If you hadn’t guessed it, casual gaming is so hot that even normally lumbering Electronics Arts has jumped on the bandwagon. Nevermind them, for casual gaming is still the playground of start-ups. We have written about Boonty’s and Kongregate in the past. And now three-year-old casual gaming company, is getting its game on with, a new service that lets you create, play and also share games (via widgets of course.)

The service which is going to be widely available tomorrow allows anyone to create games in 2-minutes, London-based claims. You can pick a game template, personalize it with text, sounds, and a photo, and start playing. Since the company is going for big impact, some of the games are downright hokey, and simple.

You can share the games on social networks, embed them in your MySpace profile, or even post them to your blog. If your game gets really popular, then plans to share advertising money with the game creators. (I have labeled this share-the-profit concept, iCompany, and have written about it in the past.)