Zapak To Launch Disney Games…Profitability?

Casual gaming portal Zapak will soon be launching Disney’s games, including Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King and Kim Possible reports BS. The company has seen around 10,000 paid downloads, for which they’ve tied up with Boonty (we’d reported it here). For payment, they’ve got credit card, itz cash cards, netbanking and vouchers as options, and will also launch Zapak cards. Apparently, Zapak is also in talks for content related to Harry Potter, as well as brands for advergames.

Now when it comes to advergames – I’ve noticed that the campaigns have been short lived – advertisers seem to prefer advertising across the site rather than branding games. That’s possibly because of the sheer number of games hosted at Zapak – and new launches of three games a week – which results in greater fragmentation across games. Rohit Sharma, COO of Zapak says that “The online gaming segment has not grown because of lack of right content. Whatever games are available today do not have any repeat value, no involvement, and artwork.” Branded games and premium content from Disney might be a solution for cutting through the clutter, but at the end of the day, it boils down to gameplay – Chess and Tetris still rule. I’m really skeptical of how this licensing model will work out for Zapak…they’ll grow the market for sure, but how much time will it take for them become profitable?