Do we really need Live TV on the Net?

In this age of hyper personalization, where DVRs are at our command, ready to playback the latest escapades of Vinnie Chase & the Boys, who needs live TV. Unless it is live sports extravaganzas, say NBA finals or SuperBowl (or Wimbeldon Tennis), television is no longer what appears on the TV Guide grid or on the hour.

On the Internet, Live TV is even more irrelevant, which is one of the reasons my ex-colleague Business 2.0’s Erick Schonfeld is bemused by all the fuss over LiveStation, the P2P TV offering from Skinkers/Microsoft.

On the Internet, does live TV even matter any more?….The Internet is the ultimate on-demand television system, where the choices of what to watch and when have no practical limits. The concept of live TV almost makes no sense in that context. Why limit your audience only to those people who can tune in at a certain time? …. live TV will be a liability on the Web unless those streams are also stored for later viewing.

Unless you are stuck in office late at the night, and desperately want to watch World Series Baseball, there will be few opportunities to actually consume Live TV streams. Okay! Maybe if you can’t do without an Entourage fix while traveling to say, Tel-Aviv, you might need live TV streams. But will there be enough of an audience to justify the costs involved. I am in Erick’s camp. What do you guys think?