Blackberry’s New Wi-Fi Phone Approved By FCC; T-Mob’s Wi-Fi Phone


Updated, July 17: The company has officially announced it: the dual-mode BlackBerry 8820, as the device is known, will be launched by AT&T in the U.S. later this summer

The FCC approved the first BlackBerry with Wi-Fi and cellular components together in one is 802.11a/b/g compatible, had Bluetooth and a microSD slot, reports PhoneScoop. RIM has previously said it would release a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry by the end of this year. This comes close to iPhone’s release…iPhone has Wi-Fi receiver built in.

Meanwhile, the T-Mobile USA Wi-Fi phone we mentioned in some detail last week: David Pogue of NYT reviews it and likes it a lot, and recounts some of the more creative uses for the phone service, including using this phone abroad: When you’re in a hot spot overseas, all calls to United States numbers are free.

The the long term, advantage for the company: “T-Mobile

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