ThoughtFix live blogs his N800 Skype experience, videos first call

Skipe_on_n800Nokia N800 owners are undoubtedly excited about Skype on their Internet Tablet, but none may he as thrilled as ThoughtFix. He’s been furiously refreshing his view of the N800 firmware page and it paid off: he live blogged his whole firmware upgrade experience complete with a first-look video of Skype on the N800. How excited was he about Skype for his handheld? Let’s just say he testes Skype’s authentication function by mistyping his Skype ID. ;) Check it to see how well this popular app runs and not just N800 to PC (or other computer): Skype Out support is there to, as is text chat! Guest cameo on the first call: Steve Paine on his Samsung Q1P. Nice!


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