Microsoft does P2P TV with Skinkers

Skinkers, a Cambridge, UK-based startup, has developed a P2P software that can allow you to watch live television. The service, which seems to be consumer focused, is clearly an attempt to lure large media companies to offer live streams of their content. The startup’s platform is based on technology developed by Microsoft’s Cambridge Research Center, which makes Microsoft an equity holder in this company.

The P2P TV client promoted by Microsoft is called LiveStation is based on Microsoft Silverlight, and from what we can gather is that it is unlikely to work on Macs for now. “The video is like watching a DVD on your PC…no jerky motion, no buffering…it is just like watching live TV,” writes Don Dodge, who works for Microsoft.

Others are talking about this as a Joost killer, or a Slingbox killer or whatever: typical friday morning hyperbole about an offering that seems interesting, but that’s about all for now.

It is not the first company to offer live television over P2P – Rawflow, another British company also has a similar offering. MediaZone, and Zattoo are two companies we have profiled in the past.

We have applied for the beta, and are waiting for the application to be approved.

Video: LiveStation Demo