Friday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Netflix “Watch Now” Growing, according to numbers that show them not only beating Blockbuster, but decimating on-demand online movie sites like CinemaNow. (compete)

Media Defender’s Miivi Offline, the copyright infringement honeypot meant to catch unauthorized downloaders now offline after tech media firestorm. (ZeroPaid)

AXE Advertising Online, with a trio of ads placed directly to YouTube that feature buxom women and minimal production value from Jun Group agency. (Adrants)

iPhone to Have Flash within Months? so says Walt Mossberg. Also, battle of iPhone video converters: comparative reviews of two software applications for ripping and encoding video content onto the messianically-hyped device. (All Things D, Gizmodo)

P2P Network Growth Driven by Video, according to numbers from Big Champagne which suggests music sharing is levelling off while HD movies and television trading growing. (Ars Technica)