SBSH Facade walkthough: informative Today screen for smartphones

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One thing I miss on my older Pocket PC Phone Edition device is the ability to get a ton of information from my Today screen on the T-Mobile Dash. The standard screens on the Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition just don’t give me enough info, so when Dave Zatz told me about Facade from SBSH, I decided to take a look. After just a few days into the trial, I’m pretty much sold that this is a useful plug-in for me. Here’s a five-minute walkthough to give you the basics so you can see if Facade is for you.


Kevin C. Tofel

Addic, I’m not sure what the memory footprint is exactly, but I’ll ping the folks at SBSH and report back.

Gene, I haven’t found a function that requires two hands, so it’s working well for me. As far as a Today screen that’s too busy, that’s a personal preference; I’ll grant that these types of plugins aren’t for everybody. I showed in the video that I was using the free trial, which anyone can download and use. I wasn’t contacted by SBSH to record the video or anything; as stated in the post, my friend Dave Zatz mentioned the application to me.

Gene Schmeling

I thought it was a very professional and well presented video. I don’t like the product, though. There are so many icons that it makes the Today screen much too busy. I think the today screen should be a one-handed operation, but this software makes it mandatory two-handed if you want to use it to its full extent.

How did you acquire the software? Did you buy it or was it a gift from the vendor? I think that bloggers should always write how they got the software/hardware so that everything is upfront from the start.



Is there any indication on what the memory foot print is for Facade, I used to use similar apps on my PPC but the device ended up taking to long to soft reset and slowed things down do much due to caching all the apps displayed on the homescreen that drastic measures had to be taken.

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