Gateway E-155C Tablet PC video introduction

Gotta love when the FedEx man arrives bearing gifts before a holiday! Today’s delivery came direct from Gateway: the E-155C Tablet PC! I’ve barely spent any time with the 4.5 convertible tablet but wanted to give you a quick video introduction to the hardware. I’ll be very interested to see how well the combination active-digitizer and touchscreen work for me since I’ve basically been touchscreen only for the past year with my UMPC. Prior to that, I had used nothing but active digitizers.

The E-155C is relatively light in the spec department with only 1 GB of RAM and a 1.06 Intel Core Duo ULV CPU, but I’m hoping the benefit will come with good battery life. The standard battery is a mite small at 4-cells and I’m wondering if that’s why Gateway included a 6-cell battery with the port replicator.


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