Europe Finds YouTube’s G-Spot

Really bored at work? Titillated by advertising masquerading as softcore porn? Really bored at work? Then check out the latest international YouTube phenomenon, an advertisement posted on the European Commission’s YouTube channel — a.k.a “EUTube,” a.k.a “Really? EwwTube? LOL” — which shows snippets of lovemaking from several award-winning European films.

The clip, entitled “Film Lovers Will Love This,” ends with a crescendo of orgasms and the double entendre “Let’s come together”.

44 seconds. 18 couples. 283,000 views. Congrats EU, you’ve found the Internet’s G Spot.

Technically, the video simply advertises the EU as a great place to film movies. But thanks to YouTube’s related videos function, it also serves as a gateway to less PG-13 fare. My favorite: Boob Shot! Runner-up: Stripping on the way to the NoHo pool.

So it’s no surprise that the Brits, who never flag in their devotion to lambasting the EU, decried the clip as mere pornography. “I suppose this film is appropriate,” said Godfrey Bloom, a British member of the European Parliament. “The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years.”

Meanwhile a Polish MEP from the conservative League of Polish Families accused the commission of using “immoral methods” to promote itself.

For my part, I’m always happy to see officially-sanctioned sex. I just wonder why the Commission hasn’t approved any of the comments under the vid. Right now, there’s a big fat zero where the discussion’s supposed to start.