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I Totally Get It – The iPhone is Awesomer. Let’s Move On

I’ve got a couple of friends who have iPhones now. I’ve held one. I’ve played with one. It is indeed killer. Apple seems to have knocked it out of the park, despite some small snags (there were bound to be nit-picky owners out there) and designed a product that lived up to the asinine levels of hype. Way to go Apple!!

But it’s a new week, and holy cow, there are other things happening in the world! Darren Barefoot sums it all up with a grat parody page – iPhatigue.

35 Responses to “I Totally Get It – The iPhone is Awesomer. Let’s Move On”

  1. william nelson

    the iPhone is a toy, ATT is definitely not Cingular(day hours only), both Apple and ATT were a pain in the ass with activation, my SLVR looks better. iPhone is a fat,old person with money toy, not a real useful tool, just hype, don’t waste your money sent mine back the day after I got it, but they got their 80 bucks-about what it’s worth-definitely not tactically sound

  2. marc v

    let me be very clear: the iPhone is a very cool device, but ….

    besides the low “Edge” speed there’s the promise of the non-watered down internet experience and those who have seen the ad showing the frontpage… well those sure will try to imitate that ad … to see that when going down the page, like in the ad, that the video window only returns an error … NOT so in the ad where the image was sharp and clear …

    Hé Apple!?!? you’re laughing in the face of all those early buyers!!!! This IS a watered down browser as half of the internet pages don’t work properly. All those neat video reportages of the NYT for instance you’re hinting at in your ads ….. not for the iPhone …..

  3. Debbie

    I notice there are not articles submitted since you suggested we read something other than iPhone news. What’s the problem? How about the Apple Blog give us something else in apple news to read about. Yeah, just what I thought…the iPhone IS the apple news. I, for one, can’t get enough. I got mine on iday and continue to search for more info on it….this product is spectacular.

  4. Thanks Nick,

    I agree and feel the same. In fact, I made sure I didn’t read most fluff and hype on the iPhone. I played with it, knowing what to expect and was very pleased. It is a great tool, works well, is seemless, great Apple quality.

    Two lessons I learned from the whole hooplah is first, to not read everything about an upcoming product lest I should get tired of it before its due date. Two, only read the bloggers and journalists I trust. Three, wait until the product becomes available for me.

    Or maybe I’m just maturing :)

  5. Michael H

    I Love my new iPhone But I am sick of reading about it.
    All I been Wanting to know is when will Apple finally update the Mac Pro’s video cards with the new Nvidia’s. or ATI’s. So I can Upgrade already.

    To note I am sure the lacking of features in the iPhone is due to the fact that their are still features coming to leopard Apple doesn’t want us to find out about yet. Since I Believe iPhone is based on Leopard expect to see a lot more to come from Apple in both departments.

    I am not sure why so many criticize the iPhone it’s new and not a completely finished product but it is mac os x in your pocket.

  6. Billy K

    What a ridiculous thing to say. Is this a troll?

    Now that the iPhone is actually OUT (and let me remind you, it’s only been five freakin’ days), the news is just getting started. Apple has said there will be plenty of updates coming “soon.” Developers will be able to get their iPhone web apps running. New accessories will arrive.

    This si just the beginning. It wasn’t until the iPod had a credible “ecosystem” that it really took off. Now we get to watch the iPhones “ecosystem” develop. And I, for one, want to hear about it.

    Ithe “The Apple Blog” is not interested in covering the biggest Apple product since the original Mac, perhaps it should change its name. Is Engadget taken yet?

  7. Chris

    If only it was out in Europe…

    Well, at least all the americans who got it will have made good beta-testers for our iPhones.

    What about Leopard news? None of that around?

  8. Lorelei

    I want one. People are paying 1,000+ dollars for them on ebay, no thanks. I have patience.I’ll probably get second gen, after the kinks are worked out.

  9. Nic Sarginson

    Please bear in mind that strangely enough a few Apple products get sold outside of the US and we don’t get the iPhone at present.

    So whilst it is nice to see some decent articles on whether it lives up to the hype, how easy it is to use etc etc it does start to get a bit overkill when we have articles on how to set the wallpaper.

    Oh, and I could really do without seeing yet another persons article on how they activated their phone, especially as it will bear no relation to the process we will have to do over here.

    The Third World pic on the parody helps point it out, the red bit the bits of the world where the iPhone ain’t at present.

    P.S. I feel like death warmed up at present which goes someway to explaining my smiley personality today :-)

  10. Matt Linder

    Give me a break guys…..even Steve himself can’t talk about anything other than this iPhone. IT IS huge right now….and will be for a while. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything else that’s great about apple…but give it a bit of time. The general public has only had this baby for 4 days. You should be embracing the fact that it is this awesome. As Apple fans continuously clawing to have a product to really truely brag about…..and then you get it and ll but turn it down. It’s just silly. Let the phone have it’s big moment….it and Apple deserve it.

  11. I bought 2 Iphones on Friday at 10pm, one for me, I had a ATT account so I hooked up 10 minutes after I got home. My GF had to set up a new ATT account and that’s where everything went to Hell. The ATT Activation Nightmare Goes on!

    I went down to the ATT store first thing in the moring when the Online activation wouldn’t even let me register her. After waiting over an hour at the store I was given a number and assurance of activation in a few hours. This was 10am Saturday. Nothing had been resolved by 5pm so I call the various ATT numbers, none of which were the least bit helpful, they hung up on my 3 times while on hold, they routed me to various other departments and then finally told me to call Apple.

    Once I called Apple they walked me through a call with ATT where ATT agreed to waive activation fees. Apple even offered to send me a blue tooth headset.

    Needless to say, Monday came and still no activation. So I sporadically called ATT to check on the status of my account. What a waste of time. Every ATT rep had a different line and story. At the end of the Business day on monday my GF had to renew her other phone service. I talked to yet again another ATT rep and asked if my activation fee had been waived, he informed it had not. I then asked him if ATT would waive my first month of service,Yes, I had read the Blogs where other customers had been credited months of service fees. The rep who was trying to be slick when I demanded my service fee waived informed me I should be thankful to get a waiver on my activation fee and that ATT would not waive any service fees and offered me $6. He informed me I wouldn’t get my activation fee waived either. I hung up on him and called another ATT number.

    I informed the new rep of my wonderful experience with her company. She checked my account and made sure my activation fee was waived as well as my first month of service. Clearly the previous ATT rep Lied. Lying to it’s customers is apparently how ATT conducts it’s business.

    On the Gripping hand, My Iphone works great. ATT’s Edge network in San Jose is crap, but thank goodness for WiFi. All the features work crisply and if there are a few things that could be improved it’s the price of being an early adopter. The email, map and weather functions are awesome and the phone reception when you can get it is clear.

    I have to say that I bought my first Mac in 1988, the box that would become the Mac Classic, I also recommended the Mac Pro with the Santa Rosa chips to a friend, who went out and bought one. I was waiting for Leapord. I am now having serious reservations. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    By the way, when I spoke with Apple Tech Support an hour ago, they seemed to agree there were possibly 100’s of thousands of people who were having problems with ATT. Lets see if the real info ever leaks out.

  12. Paulo

    They are not steering away from anything though. iPhone is part of Apple, it is probably one of the most hyped products they have ever released.

    It is not like Apple was releasing new stuff out, or anything new was announced. It was just the iPhone. I am sure that was the new OS comes out, that is going to get hyped as well. It was just the the iPhone was something BIGGER than normal.

  13. I want one so bad, and whats worse…I was offered a job at one of the Apple stores over a year ago…I heard they were giving employees free ipods if you worked for over a year. DAMNIT! why didnt i take that job????

  14. Raven

    It’s not an issue of not wanting to hear about Apple products at all. For many of us, it’s an issue of wanting to hear something about Apple’s other products.
    Yes, the iPhone is cool. (I got to play with one at work today, and it is a lovely piece of technology.) But so is my MBP. And your Mac Pro. Or your iPod. What happened to discussing and doing neat things with those? That’s going to increase interest in the company – which still primarily makes and sells computers, not whizzbang toys – more than anything else.

  15. Galley

    I spoke with some folks in their late 50’s at a party on Sat. They were asking me how to get photos of a DigiCam since they had no clue. Even they were talking about how awesome the iPhone appeared to be.

  16. I don’t get it… Apple blogs annoyed reporting about an Apple product.

    If you didn’t want to read about the iPhone, I don’t think going to a blog about Apple is the best choice.

    I for one enjoy the iPhone news, since I can’t switch carriers and have to just look at pictures. (TMobile iPhone please!? :-P )

    I just think this “enough of the iPhone!” stuff is ridiculous.

  17. I do not agree, the more it is talked about, the more people who were not interested it will start looking, and touching and really thats all it takes to buy one, Oh and $$$. This will drive people to purchase macs all over the place and I can see apples market share continue to grow in leaps and bounds because of this phone alone. It will drive people to see what else this company can do with computers.

  18. Um, the iPhone is dominating technology sites but not news sites in general, and if you can point out some technology news that is more exciting or interesting than the iPhone, I’d be happy to give it a look.

    No, the Microsoft $10k “Look, no waitress necessary!” touch table doesn’t count.

  19. Look, dudes, iPhone is the most important product Apple has ever shipped. Read that again: most important. DOn’t expect any non-iPhone news from real Apple fans. Report your own if you like, but if you’re expecting everyone else to pretend that there are significant other news in Apple land, you’re being silly.

    When there’s no Apple news to report, we all make fun of those goofy “reports” about minute things like minor iTunes Store updates. Now that Apple has entered a whole new market with a revolutionary (and immensely successful) product, you want to look for exactly that kind of non-information by sticking your head in the sand.

  20. Brian

    I agree. There is a large group who love the iPhone but will not own one due to mobile contracts or financial restrains. Please give us some apple news “for the rest of us”.