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Emerging Company Category: Video Metrics

The doctrine of broad dissemination is well-ingrained for today’s video producers. Not only must you make your video embeddable, but you must upload it to any site where potential viewers might see it. A few weeks ago, when the web series Prom Queen ended, we worked for a couple days with its production and distribution shop Vuguru to get view counts. It wasn’t a simple question, considering the team was uploading each daily episode to some ten different sites, and the final answer was rather large — about 15 million. Vuguru told me it had cobbled together a stop-gap aggregation interface but would welcome help from an outside provider.

Nobody’s really doing this very well yet, and, as we wrote last week, we think there’s a good opportunity for someone to step up (and hey, if acquisitions of Urchin, MeasureMap, and FeedBurner portend anything, there could be a Google payout for the winner).

TubeMogul and Holt Labs’ Vidmetrix are some of the first to offer video metrics tools, with Vidmetrix announcing last week it would help Veoh publishers track their clips across multiple sites. TechCrunch last night profiled, which looks more basic than those two.

Avid video producer Chris Pirillo has criticized Vidmetrix online and at the Under the Radar conference last week for its lack of power tools for users like himself who publish a lot of video, saying TubeMogul’s approach to tracking a producer’s channel is superior.

For large content owners, we mentioned Visible Measures, which helps apply analytics data to dynamically changing the presentation of videos.

On Friday I was up in Seattle and got to hang out with the very savvy crew at thePlatform, the media management company that was acquired by Comcast a year ago. We chatted about analytics opportunities and CEO Ian Blaine said it’s something thePlatform is working to present delicately, while keeping data anonymous and respecting people who don’t like to share.

He said thePlatform’s system “might be too much for small publishers,” though its pricing is pretty elastic. Since the company helps its customers get their video onto places like AOL, Yahoo, Apple, and Verizon’s deck through a centralized interface, it’s got a good foothold into cross-site metrics already. He said his “summer project” was figuring out how to do all this for NBC and News Corps’ NewSite.

7 Responses to “Emerging Company Category: Video Metrics”

  1. I just want to give a shout out to VidMetrix.

    How can you even compare VidMetrix to those others? VidMetrix tracks 51 sites. 51. Those others track less than 6.

    You say you have to enter each URL for VidMetrix, but that’s becuase they actually provide you a complete internet-wide view of the video where TuberMogul only shows views of a video on one site then you have to click over to another page to see that same video on another site and repeat for all 6 sites. Who cares about the views on one site – I could get that without using a service.

    Plus, VidMetrix tracks views on our campaign’s site and blog links and comments – no other service does that.

    Thanks – Alex

  2. David

    Do any of these services provide time spent viewing or completion rate data like some of the CDN reporting consoles do? Play counts are important but need to be put in perspective (not to mention the fact that all “plays” are not created equal)…