Chris Pirillo’s iPhone rant: 20 reasons not to do it



Like we always say, mobile tech product purchases are a personal choice. I outlined some of my reasons for almost but not quite getting an iPhone yesterday and I see that Chris Pirillo has decided against it as well. I said "see" because he covered his twenty reasons not to get one in this YouTube video. Ironically, it probably plays very well on the iPhone. ;)


neil balthaser

lol. i just tried to bring up his iphone rant on my iphone and iPhone YouTube couldn’t find it! A search for “pirillo” turned up his other videos but not the iPhone one. A search for “iphone rant” came up empty. A search for “pirillo iphone”… nada. I guess Big Brother Apple is watching!


Tax Man

I just activated my new iPhone. I am most definitely an Apple fanboy, but this is such a cool phone!


I’d have just rather read the blog entry. 17 minutes for a list of 20?? Wow. I only got through about 4 minutes then went to his blog.

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