Apple Inc to Design Mercedes Navigation Systems

GPS Magazine points to a German report (FOCUS automotive magazine) that Apple Inc has struck an exclusive deal with Mercedes to develop their in-car navigation systems. The Luxury car maker will have exclusivity to Apple’s design for the first 6 months, after which it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see these Apple Navs popping up in other Luxury brand names as well.

The Apple in-car Navigation systems won’t be showing up in Mercedes’ vehicles until the 2009 model year, so we’re around a year away from seeing what Apple’s got up its collective sleeve. It’s probably a safe bet that an enhanced version of the Google Maps feature (found in the iPhone) will be used in some shape. GPS Mag points out the obvious, that iPod and iPhone integration would be no-brainers – the latter being more useful in this writer’s opinion.

Notice how I referred to Apple by their new name here, twice? I’d say news of this sort is yet another reason they dropped the restricting ‘Computer’ tag from their name. They’re quickly evolving into some new and interesting markets with the Apple TV, iPhone, and now in-car GPS…

Apparently this is a couple weeks old, but the first I’d heard about it. I blame the iPhone for eclipsing everything else from view…or something like that. Regardless, should be interesting to see where Apple takes this.


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