NFL’s Totalitarian Policies About Online Video Coverage: Some More Details

Last month we mentioned NFL’s new crazily restrictive policies on other news organizations’ use of online video on their websites, in an attempt to keep its own website(s) humming (or so the thinking from its side goes). Now WaPo has some more details on it, including some new details: The new policy covers everything shot by news organizations within team facilities. In addition to the 45-second-per-day limit, news organizations must also provide a link to and a team’s Web site for any team-related footage shown on those Web sites. The league also prohibits news outlets from selling advertising tied to video gathered at a team’s facilities.

Also, this totalitarian quote from an NFL spokesperson: “We’re trying to balance protection of our business assets with the equally important need to receive extensive news media coverage and communicate with as many fans as possible on a regular basis…We have no interest in controlling or limiting what news Web sites do, except limiting the use of video that undermines our own Internet operations. We have important business interests on the Internet, and we have to be careful about that.”

A very funny video by Houston Chronicle sports writer John McClain illustrated the insanity of these new rules: