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What I did on the iDay

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Just got off the place from San Francisco in Newark, en route to Tel-Aviv. The iFever has spread the nation and the nerds are really going wild. Scoble, Digg boys, and a whole bunch of people are blogging while waiting for their iPhone.

Mike Davidson was one of the many folks who sent me text messages and emails while they were waiting for the iPhone. Katie went by the Apple store in Emeryville and the line there was long. Surprisingly not many people outside Cingular stores. I think she snapped some pics and will add them later.

Actually it feels good to have missed out the madness: I might have given into temptation and bought the damn thing.

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9 Responses to “What I did on the iDay”

  1. Chris Ackermann

    Myself and loads of other folks purchasing the iPhone yesterday still find ourselves nearly 24 hours later with a device that can only call 911. AT&T continues to struggle with activating my iPhone (which I initiated at 9:45pm EDT) and unfortunately, the device is completely locked until activated (can’t use WiFi, web, email, music, YouTube, etc).

    This is a complete joke at this point – and AT&T is kicking us while were down by charging us a $36 activation fee. Would like to see of GigaOM coverage of this mess…

  2. Sanity

    Seriously Om, “Gripped the nation” by left butt cheek. Maybe people in Silicon Valley and the Upper East Side care about the iPhone but most people don’t. I usually find you to be far more intelligent than the regular Web 2.0 drivel that is spat out from TechCrunch and Mashable and other folks who venture out of Silicon Valley as often as George W. Bush’s eloquence amazes me.

    iPhone will be a flop. Watch.

  3. Too bad, we only can get our hands on iPHONE next year here in Asia.

    I am very jealous, just by looking at the showrooms, the campings, and the the guys with their black box in hand.