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Waiting for Rev B of The iPhone

say no to iphoneThe gadget junky in me is screaming out for an iPhone. I even gave my best pitch to my wife on why she wanted a semi-used Samsung Blackjack, but I knew, and she knew it wasn’t to be. Yet.

In early January 2007 (B.i. – Before iPhone) I had been rocking my Blackjack for a month or so. It was great and fulfilled all my mobile needs – especially where 3G coverage was available. Then came MacWord 2007, (and henceforth time would be known as A.i. – After iPhone) and everyone went stark raving mad about the iPhone.

In recent months, leading up to TODAY (or the iSecondComing as many seem to see it as) I’ve been asked repeatedly, “Do you want an iPhone?” “Are you getting an iPhone?” “The iPhone will cure hunger and bring world peace, you’re getting yours on June 29th, right?” My honest reaction has always been that:

Yes, I definitely think it’s gonna rock, and Yes I’d like to get one. But no, I won’t be getting one for now – my Blackjack does what I need and will until a Revision B model of the iPhone is released.

And finally I find that someone else is of nearly the exact same mindset as me. Jeff Atwood has put together a tremendously thoughtful article on the topic, and echoes my opinions almost exactly. But his version is much more eloquent and with much more [interesting] detail. I recommend the read – probably while you’re waiting in a line someplace for an iPhone…

9 Responses to “Waiting for Rev B of The iPhone”

  1. macguy

    I would also like to add that he’s missing the point with the Wifi. Apple is taking a wise route with this because this will save a lot of users money. Services such as EVDO have closed down Wifi and bluetooth options in order to force users into their service. 3G is currently expensive, takes too much battery and space. This is good news for those who are tired of paying such high prices for phone service. Everyone would benefit from this move because it will encourage competition to the market and iPhone critics should know this.

  2. Hey Nick,

    I bought a Samsung Blackjack a little over a month ago and I’ve decided that I want an iPhone… I’ll sell you my BlackJack ;-)

    I don’t blame you for waiting for the next gen though… But being an Apple employee, I want one now!

  3. macguy

    While I don’t mind whether you find the BlackBerry as enough, the arguments he makes are crap. First of all, the EDGE speeds have already been confirmed to have increased. It is well over 2x an increase in speed. In fact, by ITU telephony standards EDGE is considered to be a 3G service! Even folks like engadget are starting to admit this. As Steve Jobs noted, it may not be the fastest but “It’s good enough, but you wish it was a little faster”. They have done just that thus making the overall experience better. There’s a trade-off here but at least it wouldn’t be so bad enough to have a drained down battery which people would complain about even more. For now, their decision is probably the wisest. It’s far easier for one to critique a product than to support it.

    The reason why I am pissed off is he believes that anyone who thinks the iPhone has a reality distortion field. I don’t know what planet he’s from, but where I go, there’s plenty of free hotspots (not just the library or non-name coffee shops). Then again, EDGE is just enough to manage every day tasks and is great for email. Perhaps he was expecting some kind of full blast speed. If so, don’t expect the price to be cheap. Bottom line, he shouldn’t attack ANYTHING before it comes out. Now we’ll just have to wait and see whether Apple has changed their 1st Gen reputation. I think they have put a lot of effort into this thing so it wouldn’t surprise me to find a defect here and there but probably nothing major.

    You don’t have to wait for the 2nd generation..but just wait for the reports on it. See, he already has this presupposition that it’s going to face the same experiences as other 1st gens. I think we should just wait and see what people report.