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Sunset at Sunrocket? Layoffs rumored

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Update: Andy Abramson has more details on the story. CTO/CXO and several others are gone.  Still no word from the company or their PR department.

Sunrocket, one of the many VoIP service providers that has been suffering as a result of an all-out voice assault by the cable companies is rumored to have hit a major airpocket today. Our sources say that the company laid off about 40 of its employees, including some C-Level executives. While the company isn’t exactly out of business, things are pretty dicey here.

I have emailed their PR department but haven’t heard anything just yet. I am getting on a plane in about 10 minutes and if they get in touch before that, I will update the post. I am going to try again during the stopover in Newark. Please treat this as a rumor for now.

The VoIP service provider claims that it has 200,000 subscribers. The founders – Joyce Dorris and Paul Erickson – left the company earlier this year, and now the only hope for the company is to raise more capital from its existing investors including Nokia. The VoIP service providers including Vonage have been having a bad year as cable companies have started to flex their muscles and offering triple play services. SunRocket has been a hard company to figure out – and despite it’s great marketing spin, we found it hard to buy into their plans.

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118 Responses to “Sunset at Sunrocket? Layoffs rumored”

  1. A SR Customer

    All SunRocket(SR) Customer,

    I was a sunrocket customer, as I understand that SR played the bankruptcy game to the customer, it looks that they alreay planned when they have a promotion for 199/year plan, they rubbed the balance money on each contract from the customer, TeleBlend(TB) takes over everything from SR except contract, they just changed the company name from SR to TB.

    Do you have any idea to handle this issue, it is not a small issue, it is a big,big,big, huge issue, it is related to 200,000 customers

    We have to ask goverment to protect us to have it in fair, where is the goverment? where is the policeman? where is the lawyer? where is our congressman? did they know the issue or not?

    A SR Customer

  2. Shelley

    When a VOIP company decides they are going to honor at least 1 yr buyout contract for the SR victims, then I will use a phone. This is BS. Vonage offers 99cent activation with no other activation fee AND $24.99 per month with first 2 mths free. Teleblend is a rip off. When Ethics is returned to the business world and the damn liars get put in jail. When people stop ripping off hard working single mothers who are on extreme limited budgets then maybe you will earn my service.

  3. Mary Ann

    I can’t stay away from Teleblend as I’m addicted to them. Now I’m back addicted to Sunrocket as I know they love me too. You see Sunrocket has sent me e-mails, and now to show their true love they’re calling me as well with an automated message coming from (703) 394-4150 my caller I.D. shows. So both Teleblend & Sunrocket are both in love with me.

    (See earlier blog above.) When I call 703-394-4150 sometimes I get a fast busy, but I keep trying then I get their automated message. After the message you’ll get a long pause then it tells you to hold for an operator, etc. (automated also) then you can leave a message so now I’ve been leaving them messages at 1-703-394-4150 to please call Teleblend at 1-877-252-4548 as they just keep me on hold for another cust. rep. I left them 8 messages today at the 703-394-4150. Now I’m leaving a message that they’re not contacting the number to have Teleblend call me. The last 2 messages I said that since Sunrocket is going to cut off my service at the close of 8/5 that I’ll have to take my business elsewhere but I said I don’t like 8×8 at all!! You see 8×8 hasn’t been calling or e-mailing me, so I say “I’m so scared that after Sunday 8/5, I’ll have to go with someone else entirely as they left me no choice as they’re going to cut my line and I will have to take my business elsewhere with the 8-10 land lines I’m wanting to convert to voip lines.

    What’s so funny is I’m been using the line they haven’t cut off to plea my case!

  4. can’t beliehve th ose idiots at sunrocket suddenly got the voice mail repaired just day before they are shutting down the few of us that still have service. MORONS

  5. Adrian

    Anybody knows how can I access the Sunrocket Webpage, I forget my password, I tried to send email and did a lot of call but nothing..
    and actually I try to get another company, but this company request me, for some paper, but unfornatelly I forget my passwrod, and I can’t access the WebPAge.

  6. Mary Ann

    Call 1-877-252-4548 and tie up Teleblend’s phone lines. They’ve already sent me e-mails coming from [email protected] badgering me as an former Sunrocket customer to join up with Teleblend or they’re going to cut off my line and won’t let me have my number back. Hee Hee, I already have a back-up land line. I called the above number from my land & SR and put the phone down while they automatically put me on hold. I periodically go back to check it in case someone answered it then hung up. I immediately re-dial that number and put the phone back down. Hee Hee! Paybacks are hell.

  7. JKSinclair1

    My boyfriend is a former employee of Sunrocket and he was laid off a week or so before the company officially went under. He was among the unfortunate souls whom were laid off with no warning and no severance. He had been working ALOT of overtime in the 2 weeks preceeding him being laid off and when he was actually let go they gave him his final paycheck and some paperwork. A few days later when he went to cash the paycheck he noticed that they hadn’t paid him for his overtime and that is just grimey of them. Does anyone think we should pursue getting the rest of his money? Because he worked those hours and wasn’t paid, that’s gotta be against the law right? What the hell can we do about it???

  8. Mary Ann

    Yes, mimi – I’m not nuts! I was on the phone today earlier 7/22 about an hour or so talking to a Cust. Rep. on the 1-800-786-0132 and it answered Teleblend, etc. using my SR phone number. Yesterday, 7/21 I called from my other SR no. and kept a different Cust. Rep. on for about 45 mins. or so. (I have 2 different numbers with Sunrocket.) One’s in my name & the other in my son’s name. My acct. was debited $428.22 ($212.11 in April & $212.11 in May) with my Bank debit card of this year. Yes, I’m disputing it and filled out their form with a few articles printed off the internet attached to the form & mailed it back.

    Anyway, both Cust. Reps. got excited as one thinks I’m wanting to go with Teleblend for about 8 to 10 phone lines, as I have the reuter & computers besides the two SR numbers I have. The other I told I was thinking about 3 or 4 lines besides just the most important SR line with that number and was asking her how many gizmos I’d need besides the ones I already have, blah, blah.

    You have to use this strategy or they won’t let you keep them on the phone for long if you’re only talking about 1 or 2 lines.

    The one I spoke to yesterday told me they have 3 shifts working 3:00pm – 11:00pm; 11:00pm to 7:00am; 7:00am – 3:00pm. 24/7. I had a better talk with him though rather than the female I spoke to today. As I said something to the effect of ‘How do I know Teleblend won’t mess me around like Sunrocket did?’ He said they’re with USA Telphone and formed Teleblend who bought SunRocket’s equipment and all of their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I said ‘Gosh, than Global Crossing must be lying as they said they own most of the SR phone nos. and the other of SR phone numbers were owned by Level 3 Communications that haven’t been ported out yet.’ He said well, that’s actually true & how did I find out. I lied and said I have an old friend who lives out of state and works for Global Crossing. (Sometimes I had a hard time trying to keep from laughing as I spoke to him.)

    Then I told him about this business I inherited (another lie) and was working on getting the best features with the phone lines & needed to know about the features they offered with Teleblend that I could get as a Sunrocket customer. He said ‘well as you know we still have everything except voice mail but hopefully should find one within the next week or so.’ I asked about long distance & he said they just found one this past week that they had contracted with & that company would provide the old sunrocket customers with through Teleblend.

    Now back to the lady cust. rep. I spoke to today Sunday at the same number as the guy Saturday. I got mad at her as she was trying to terminate our conversation as I already had her on the phone almost an hour. That’s the one I was trying to help me with on getting me 3 to 4 new phone lines and most important my SR number as I said that number has it on my bus. stationary; bus. cards and on my bldg. space I was leasing w/option to purchase. And told her I hired someone a month ago to engrave that particular SR number into granite as my bldg. space was facing an outside major street here in Dallas & the granite block was attached to the outside with the number etched into it with 10 by 12 inch numbers. (I was in the kitchen cooking at that time & had to grab a dish towel & stick it partially in my mouth to keep from laughing over that lie.) She assured me in addition to the 3 -4 lines & numbers they would give me, I could keep my SR number that was etched in the granite block. She started getting irritated as she said she needed to help catch some of the lines that were waiting on hold. I said “Now I called you before they did, so I want you to finish talking to me or I’ll take my business elsewhere.” She was almost in tears by then and in an irritated voice said that they were under horrible pressure as they were having to track all of Sunrocket’s numbers and forced into slowing the ones that had already been requested to be ported. In addition tracking all the new numbers being requested.

    I knew already from the guy I spoke to yesterday that he said there wasn’t too many left of the 200,000 or so of Sunrocket customers that haven’t requested yet another provider or Teleblend, but he said as soon as they neared the end of the list they would be given authorization to cut their lines.

    Gotta go it’s late and get back on the phone with someone else in the morning. I have 2 friends coming around 10:00 in the morning to help me. AT&T requested one of my two numbers to be ported last week. It’s owned by Global Crossing she told me & would let me know if or when it gets ported. The only line I’ll let my son decide. Once they cut the lines they’re free to offer those numbers to whomever.

    Oh, I can say is God help Global Crossing and their phone lines if my number isn’t ported. I’ve already got a list of their numbers I’m going to put in memory for re-dial. AT&T already verified it’s Global’s & not Level 3 Communications.

  9. now i understand. when i did my orig post a few minutes ago i was using my cell phone. then i decided to try with my SR phone number and i did get the teleblend answer. so it is obvious they are trapping SR customers beause you can’t block outgoing caller id when dialing an 800 number. CREEPS

  10. i just called the old sunrocket number, 800-786-0132, and i recvd the stupid we are not taking cust serv calls ot new customers. don’t know how that other person got a teleblend message. website is still functioning to retrieve old info from.

  11. John Bosco Jr

    Those assholes at Sunrocket; they just automatically renewed my contract on July 11th. They knew they were going under, so why did they bother to renew my contract? Of course, I guess I should count my blessings because I was at least able to file a dispute with my credit card company, so I might get the refund. I won’t owe anything until the investigation is over anyway.

    I just want to thank the SR CSRs for their outstanding service for the past year. I only had a couple of problems, and they were handled very quickly. I feel bad that they were treated so badly by SR. I hope they find new employment quickly.

    As far as Teleblend is concerned, it’s just a matter of time, I feel, before they go under because I believe Sunrocket’s creditors will go after them.

  12. I paid $199 for 2 years on a long weekend deal and completed 8 months approx. I sent mail to sunrocket , no response, Instead asking to sign up with other companies which they recommended. I don’t go with the companies they suggested, here they cheated and also trying to get money from us by signing up with other companies. Lessons learned “Don’t sign up for long term deals” go for monthly. Don’t ever choose the companies what sunrocket recommended.

    Please do research and select your own.


    I just called the old SunRocket nos. 1-800-786-0132 & 1-877-252-4548 and guess who answers TELEBLEND!!!!!

    Sorry to hear DAS you signed up w/Teleblend & their number was not in service & you have no voicemail. That’s the least of your problems & the others who signed up with Teleblend. Teleblend only set up business a week or so ago and registered that NAME! DAS call the above old Sunrocket nos. and they’ll answer Teleblend!!!!

    Until I get back all of my money from SunRocket (as far as I’m concerned they’re now Teleblend) on the un-used portion of phone services I never received, I will (and I intend to encourage all of the others who went with other VOIP’s other than Teleblend),in actuality they are Sunrocket whose paying Sherwood a fee in the liquidation of Sunrocket) to put the above numbers in storage & re-dial it constantly tying up their lines!

    Finding former SR’s customers is no problem just go to Google and the other search engines and type in “SUNROCKET” and see a lot of the former disgruntled, incovenienced people who were ROBBED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, not to mention former disgruntled workers who were deceived then laid off with NO NOTICE and NO SEVERANCE PAY!

    I’m retired and self-employed & this is going to be more fun than I’ve had in a LONG TIME! Gotta go as there’s lots of work ahead playing games with Sunrocket/Teleblend’s phone lines like they did with my bank debit card!

  14. SunRocket Update

    Update: July 20, 2007, 4:15pm PT: We’ve had more questions about the emails that SunRocket customers have been receiving promoting two specific VoIP providers, Teleblend and Packet8, and what we think of those providers. First, we definitely do not recommend Teleblend. This company has no history whatsoever and as far as we can tell just appeared out of nowhere in the last several days. While we cannot confirm this, it seems as though a few ex-SunRocket employees just started the company this week in order to attract SunRocket customers. In our opinion, the whole thing seems a bit suspicious.

  15. It just keeps getting better…signed up for Teleblend yesterday. E-mailed them and asked when voicemail would be available. Since I didn’t get a response, I called the phone number on their site AND SURPRISE…the number is not in service….weird thing is my phone works, but without voicemail.