Shift in Website Development Due to iPhone?

Web developers have been more and more concerned with coding for mobile devices. Now that the iPhone is here, I wonder if that may change further. The iPhone – unlike most other cellular phones on the market – browses using a wide-screen web browser and the touch interface makes it easy to do so.

I’ll be interested to see if web developers will come up with a pseudo-mobile development process specifically for Safari on the iPhone. Meaning, will designers embrace the iPhone’s click-to-zoom interface, making some elements a certain size for optimal viewing/reading, leading to an Apple-specific mobile development practice?

Will the use of web 2.0 apps (the standard SDK for the iPhone…) see a slight transformation so as to be optimized for iPhone viewing? I’ve got to believe there’s going to be a noticeable shift of some kind that results from this new piece of technolust.

If you’re developing mobile web pages/applications, I’d love to hear your take on this possible shift in development practices.

Thanks to Tom for pointing out an error that was published. I accidentally posted with 2 different thoughts combined in 1 and it sounded likea broad and absolute statement which was not intended. It’s been udpated.


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