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Sarah Meyers On Broadcasting Web Video

What does it take to create a career for yourself in online video, and where do you go from there? At the Web Video Summit in San Jose Thursday, Sarah Meyers was dragged on stage to announce her new channels on The young video personality has been filing video reports for gadget blog Gizmodo lately, but you’ll be able to see a lot more of her starting today.

sarah_tv.jpgBesides covering the iPhone launch here in San Francisco (which is winning enough live video feeds to melt a few servers worldwide), she’s kicked off her interactive talk show. While scheduled programming and call-in shows make a lot of sense, it’s still pretty raw — better staging, lighting, and a discussion topic or two would help.

With a background covering technology for radio, she got her start in video at, where she did a show called Party Crashers depicting her exploits infiltrating tech parties. We chatted yesterday about how she’s approaching live broadcasting online and her plans for a career in video.

NewTeeVee: You’re starting a live show for Digg. How will that be different than, say, Diggnation?

Sarah Meyers: It’s about Digg stories and the co-host is Time Less, who works for Digg — it’s different than Diggnation because it will be more interactive with the audience and we will be talking about stories that we digg.

NewTeeVee: So people can suggest stories and Digg along in real time?

Meyers: Yes!

Neat. Can you describe some of your ideas for Party Crashers?

Meyers: The second season will launch on July 29th. This season is much different than the first one because we will be covering more events, conferences, and meet-ups, but it keeps the crashing theme seen in the last season. Also, this season will not be on and there is a new host.

NewTeeVee: So you’ll have a lifecasting setup of your very own, but you won’t be doing the 24/7 format. How will your shows be different?

Meyers: My lifecast is not a lifecast at all. It’s following the traditional cable model. is building a TV guide for the audience to know when to watch. I’m going to have two channels. One for my crashing endeavors that will be passed between me and the new host and one just for me and my other tech related webisodes.

NewTeeVee: So what got you interested in producing video and hosting shows? Do you see a future continuing to work online almost exclusively?

Meyers: I started my career in media as a tech news producer and DJ for 3 years at UC Berkeley’s radio station, KALX 90.7 FM. Video was a natural transition after that. I see a future in distribution far and wide, but not exclusively on the Internet because many of these video webisodes are going to get picked up by major networks.

Photo by Frank Gruber.

4 Responses to “Sarah Meyers On Broadcasting Web Video”

  1. Just to clarify- the Time and Sarah show is not going to be filmed at Digg and is not for Digg. It’s just us talking about the stories we digg and then people can share the stories they digg in real time. I’m excited for this show that goes live on Thursdays at 5:00 PST.

  2. I have to disagree with Sarah in her last remark-most of the shows online are nowhere near broadcast quality, and while major networks may be getting into the game, I’d be shocked to see many web videos ending up on broadcast TV in any type of capacity worth mentioning.