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iPhone Campout Live Blog

Up and running!

Sorry for the delay in updates! When I tried to activate my iPhone, AT&T turned service to my Treo off, but the iPhone still wasn’t activated. I went about 2 1/2 hours without any cell coverage. When I couldn’t get a WiFi signal at the Apple Store, I decided to get out of there and find a hotspot.

I found a nice coffee shop and by the time I plugged in (about 8:30 PM) the iPhone activated and I was in business. Wow, what an amazing device! I had a long drive home so I still haven’t had a lot of time to play with it but I have seen enough to know it’s everything I thought it would be and more. What an elegant device!

I have several friends who also got iPhones. One friend of mine walked into an Apple Store at 7:30 PM and bought an iPhone in less than 10 minutes with no wait. It’s okay, I really enjoyed hanging out all day and getting my hands on one first. My only regret is that I didn’t get to post as much here as I would have liked. Still, it was a successful day and I hope everyone who wanted one got an iPhone.

7:57 PM – No Service

I lost service on my Treo… soon after trying to activate my iPhone my Treo stopped working. I had to find a coffee shop with free WiFi.

When I plug in my iPhone it tells me it needs additional time to activate, and the rep at the Apple Store said it could take up to 6 hours! I waited in line for 10 hours, so what’s another 6, right?!

Right now all I can do is look at this pretty phone and hope it starts working soon… I wonder if other people are having the same problem….

6:39 PM – Trouble Activating

Well this is interesting. I can’t get the iPhone to activate. It said it would email me when it was complete. I can’t do anything but call 911 right now, so I’m patiently awaiting an email.

6:20 PM – Here it is!I just got my iPhone and am activating it now!


6:05 PM – Going InIt’s pure mayhem. The first person just came out with their iPhone and now I’m going in.

5:55 PM – Entering SoonI just found out I’m 3rd in line in the 2nd group going in to the store…Its just a few minutes to launch and the security and police are patroling and they’ve already taken all the chairs and organized the line.

5:30 PM – Black Curtain RemovedWith 30 minutes left everyone is going crazy talking about the iPhone. An Apple Store employee just came by to explain the procedure.

They will be letting small groups of people in at a time so they can “experience” the iPhone. I just hope small group means 50 so I can get my hands on one!


4:00 PM – Anxiously WaitingWe’re all just biding our time now until 6 PM. Everyone is talking about the launch and there is a lot of buzz about what they’re going to do, whether they’ll give out t-shirts and free stuff, etc.

In just two hours, the iPhone goes on sale…

2:00 PM – Store is ClosedThe Apple Store closed at 2:00 PM and the employees inside are getting ready for the big launch. I can see them inside the store meeting, but they are now putting up black sheets to block our view, so it will be a secret from here out. Several Apple Store employees said they “hope” there will be enough phones for everyone but they are very optimistic. I think there will be plenty, unless the line doubles or triples in size (which is entirely possible.)

iPhone Campout - Apple Store Closed

iPhone Campout - Employee Meeting

1:00 PM UpdateUpdating just a few minutes early. The line continues to grow slowly. I spent a little time in the Apple Store a few minutes ago and it’s staying packed with people just asking about the buzz and customers buying Macs and iPods. I’m looking forward to 2PM when the store closes and the anticipation starts.

12:00 PM UpdateIt’s noon, and I just grabbed some lunch to tide me over for a while. The line continues to grow but more slowly now. Only about 20 more people appear to be standing in line.

After four hours, it’s not really that bad but I’m predicting that the line will grow the most between 2PM and launch, when the Apple Store is closed. I originally planned to come up around 1PM thinking that the line would start when the store closed. Boy am I glad I decided to come when the mall opened!

11:00 AM UpdateTime is passing quickly now… it’s fun to talk to everyone and gossip about all the rumors floating around. Will there be enough iPhones to go around? Several people have said that they have 10 employees to check people out simultaneously in the store. At 6:00 PM they will let 10 people in at one time, and one at a time after as people leave.The line has grown and looks to be at least 100 people total already.

10:00 AM UpdateWell, it’s been two hours and the line just keeps growing! I’ve talked to a ton of people in line (many thanks to Jena for holding my spot in line) and here’s what the rumor mill has to offer. There is a consensus that this store is getting about 1,000 iPhones, so I think everyone in line right now is set.Also, I miscounted initially. I’m 41 in line and there are now about 45 people behind me. See the photos below. There’s also a photo of the Apple Store which is open and doing business, which will close at 2PM to get ready for the launch. I heard one rumor that the iPhone is already on sale in Europe, not sure about that one. And the final tidbit is that Apple just released a new version of iTunes minutes ago that you will have to have to activate the iPhone. So if you’re standing in line with me, go to Software Update and get the newest version of iTunes. At 6PM it’s quite possible that Apple’s servers will crash from millions of people trying to do the update at the same time.

iPhone Campout Line 3
iPhone Campout - Apple Store

More updates at 11 AM… Stay tuned.

9:00 AM UpdateThe line is still growing. Check out this photo from behind me; there are almost as many people behind me as in front. I counted 18-20 people behind me already and growing rapidlly!iPhone Campout Line 2

8:00 AM Well, I’m here at the Apple Store at Lenox Square Mall and the line is forming! I got here when the doors opened at 8AM and I am still about 25th in line. I will be here all day, until the 6PM launch of the iPhone when I hope to get my hands on the most anticipated consumer device this decade.I’ve been talking with some of the people in line and it seems that Lenox Mall got it better than most – I’ve already gotten reports of AT&T stores that had hundreds of people waiting in line this morning.Only time will tell if I get an iPhone, but I’ll be here all day taking pictures and talking with other iPhone campers so keep your address bar tuned to TAB today for all-day coverage of the iPhone launch.Here is the line where I am standing (and sitting). There are 9 (I will update this regularly) people after me in line.Line at the Apple Store

21 Responses to “iPhone Campout Live Blog”

  1. Brandon Eley

    Sorry you guys are still having problems. Mine activated in about 2 1/2 hours and my wife’s activated almost instantly, but it took a while for the data services to work. I’ve heard a lot of reports of people who are having problems activating… That seems to be more of an AT&T network issue; I’m sure they’re getting slammed right now with millions upon millions of activations.

  2. I was about 850 in line at the same store. Took the lazy route and showed up late. Great crowd, lots of interesting people, and lots of excitement. Even some famous “faces” locking in on the new iPhone in Atlanta:

  3. Well, after spending almost an hour on the phone with ATT to change my biz. plan to a personal plan I then went through the activation process. It said I was activated but would receive an email. It’s now 17 hours later and still no email. Additionally, this is a second line for my att plan which is also a port number from my Verizon account. All I can do is look at my iPhone and play with the Emergency Only call slide bar. Anyone else with this issue?

  4. Been 8 hours and still not live. Is this what is happenning to others. I am trying to do a family plan and they haven’t even asked me about the other phone.I do not have high hopes…No support from ATT..this could be returned.

  5. LOL Louis, I would but my wife has claimed the other one already. She watched the videos on a few days ago and has instructed me to get her one “or else.” Since the limit is 2 per customer, I don’t think I’ll have any to pawn on eBay. :)

  6. Galley

    So, I’m guessing they completed their remodeling job. I stopped by there two months ago. It was the first time I had been in Lennox Square Mall in 12 years. I wasn’t missing much. It must have the worst floorplan of any mall in the country. I kept running into dead ends.