Hugo Ortega unboxes the Raon Digital Everun UMPC


Mate Hugo Ortega needs help and if we all pitch in maybe we can save him from himself.  He has posted an unboxing video where he opens the cool new Raon Digital Everun UMPC in his car in front of the FedEx shop.  He couldn’t even wait to get it home which shows how far gone he is and he really needs our help.  The Everun that Hugo shows us is the HSDPA (3G) version which makes an exciting UMPC even more so.  Hugo even gets a phone call from his wife on the Everun while driving home.  It’s a cool device worth a good look.  Hugo, it’s very dangerous to talk on your UMPC while driving, especially when you’re on the wrong side of the car.  Please seek help, we’re there for you.



They say 90 out 100 people have low I.Q., and be oblivious to your actions; for lack of “Reasoning” ability. I know that this guy is trying to show a new gadget, but it shows to all the other moron’s out there, that it is “OK” to “play” instead of “DRIVING”!, and keeping your Eyes on The ROAD!.
It would have been “JUSTICE” if he would have crashed into a back of a parked (empty) “Car”!
And thin out the gene pool of idiots like himself, but I am afraid he would hit someone of Intelligence! Just in case he has not a clue?


Hehe – brilliant :D You can’t fake that sort of excitement :D Can’t wait to get one of those in my hands, though I’m not sure I’d want to use it as a phone!

Northern Rebel

How about a Sprint/Everun promotion?… It beats that old iPhone thingy…lol.

Northern Rebel

Normally you’d use a bluetooth headset with the Everun, Hugo just stuck his sim card in and the darn thing rang…lol. I want one that works with Sprint and my CC is ready. Might even come out anyway but having a phone built in would be so handy (and easier to convince the wife of its value, she’s been nagging me to add another phone).

Kevin H

Ugh, highly jealous!
Although, to have captured that look of pure excitement when you get a gadget from the depot and rip it open in the car because you can’t wait another minute…

The everun looks even more like a giant Loox T830 now its
(almost) a phone, although in the UK you’d be pulled over in a second with that thing held up to your ear!

Mike Cane

This guy is a menace! He must send that Everun immediately to me.

Aside from being the iPhone iDay, it is also iCane Day, where people send me new tech!

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