Hugo Ortega unboxes the Raon Digital Everun UMPC

Mate Hugo Ortega needs help and if we all pitch in maybe we can save him from himself.  He has posted an unboxing video where he opens the cool new Raon Digital Everun UMPC in his car in front of the FedEx shop.  He couldn’t even wait to get it home which shows how far gone he is and he really needs our help.  The Everun that Hugo shows us is the HSDPA (3G) version which makes an exciting UMPC even more so.  Hugo even gets a phone call from his wife on the Everun while driving home.  It’s a cool device worth a good look.  Hugo, it’s very dangerous to talk on your UMPC while driving, especially when you’re on the wrong side of the car.  Please seek help, we’re there for you.


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