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Mrs. Murdoch To Take Over At Chief of Strategy At MySpace China

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Wendi Deng, the Chinese-born wife of Rupert Murdoch, finally has an official post within News Corp, as chief of strategy for MySpace’s China operation, reports, citing sources. She will also be on the board of the Chinese operation. MySpace China launched in trial in April, and is a locally incorporated company that News Corp. has only a minority stake in, alongside International Data Group’s VC arm and China Broadband Capital Partners, an investment company founded by Edward Tian, the former head of China Netcom.
“An official role at MySpace China would provide the 39-year-old Deng with her first chance to prove her mettle in the succession battle with Murdoch’s children for control of the sprawling family-run media empire,” says the story.
Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe the founder of MySpace, also own a minority stake each in the venture, an unusual arrangement with News Corp, and are also the board. Deng would be working alongside Luo Chuan, a former head of MSN Internet service in China, and now heading MySpace China.

2 Responses to “Mrs. Murdoch To Take Over At Chief of Strategy At MySpace China”

  1. Gustavo

    News Corp could not have picked a better person for this post.
    Talented, well studied. Chief of strategy is the post. What else can you ask. The post says it all

  2. Interesting. Does she have any background in this? I think it'll be interesting to see how she does. Kimora Simmons did a pretty good job with Baby Phat and nobody thought she had any brains for business.