Challenge: Make a Better .Mac


So for everyone who’s ever complained about the .Mac service, someone is finally trying to do something about it. The notMac Challenge is offering up a choice bounty (at least $10k!) for anyone who can develop a .Mac alternative that’s as easy to use as Apple’s offering, but robust enough to be useful for everyone, and worth the equivalent cost.

I actually just signed up for the 30-day trial of .Mac the other day, to see if there were any features that would be especially useful to me. So far, not seeing it. But who knows. The notMac Challenge is a big one, and I think the bounty – which at this point is $7500 which will be matched, up to $10,000, so upwards of $20 thousand! – will be much deserved if anyone can crack that nut.

Thanks to Chris for sending this tip over.


Joey Livingston

Call me crazy, but developing a solution that encompasses and improves all of .mac, seems like a lot of work for $20k. A developer would be better off building it for themselves, and selling subscriptions for $50/year.

I hate being the nay-sayer.


I’d pay for it if it was a reasonable price ($50, or ~30 UKP) and if I’d bought a used Mac, but it should be free for all new Mac buyers for a reasonable time or the commercial life of their machine (thats at least 24 months IMO).

Mark 2000

I know how to make a better .mac. Make it free, that’s all it’ll take for me. I mean every other similar service is free. I’d never pay for it no matter what the features.

Dave M.

Did no one here see the WWDC Keynote? There is one very important feature that is coming to .Mac very soon.

Back to My Mac

Using .Mac, you will have a dynamic DNS connection to all your computers at home.

There are bound to be other features that will make .Mac a worthwhile service, and it’s about time.

As for this story… I would have to say that it’s about 8 months old. Now, I know, there are people out there that hadn’t heard about it, but come on guys. Your an Apple blog and this is the first you guys have heard about it?

Has the site changed hands recently? You guys had been pretty good, but lately, I’m just not sure… Shame really.


My solution is simple – more storage space. Syncing is useless if it’s going to cost users more than the already-steep 129$/year to get enough storage to actually hold anything of importance.

San Sharma

Great idea. I tell you what makes me nervous about .Mac, the iPhone seems to prefer Yahoo! Mail. What does that mean for .Mac users? Should we switch to get the most out of the iPhone? Is Apple leaving .Mac behind?

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