Office Hours Peak Time For Watching Online Videos – Study

A demanding boss is probably not the reason many Indians are working longer hours these days. Here are some interesting insights from video media network’s online video watchers study.
In India, 85 percent of online video consumption happens from offices.
76 percent of all video consumption happens from the top seven metros / mini metros. Mumbai contributes to 14 percent of the consumption, Delhi 12.5 percent and Chennai is the lowest at 6.5 percent, probably because has mostly Hinglish content.
30 percent of daily video consumption comes from Indians outside of India, largely from the Bay area and New York.
Entertainment is the key traffic driver.
Audiences have an attention span of 3.5 minutes for an online video with 50 percent of the audience dropping off at the 5 minute level. Almost no one watches a segment that is more than 10 minutes long, unless it is a documentary / short film of interest to the watcher.


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