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NWS-DJ: Murdoch: Price Of Journal Is ‘$60 Plus Vitriol’; WSJ Staffers Report Late To Work In Protest

Another torrent of words on Rupert Murdoch but this time the News Corp. chairman was an active participant … Time’s Eric Pooley made the most of his Murdoch moments. including some chatter about online. I can’t tell from reading it, though, how much Murdoch actually knows about the way and the other DJ online consumer efforts work and how much he’s glossing over. Too, as is the case with most of the coverage, it’s so Journal-centric it’s hard to see where anything but the Journal franchise fits in. Full article here.

A quick MySpace-Yahoo detour: Murdoch re the very preliminary talks with then-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel about swapping MySpace for 25 percent of Yahoo: “Terry Semel was enthusiastic about it. … We were looking to see if it was a good idea. I wasn’t sure.” With Semel moved to non-exec chairman, Murdoch has to get a sense of Jerry Yang-led Yahoo.

Hybrid Murdoch suspects the online Journal could be more valuable as an ad-subscription hybrid with premium users paying for high-end content: “But it needs to be studied carefully.” (DJ online already takes a hybrid approach with ads, an expanding number of “free” sites and MarketWatch but it sounds like Murdoch would go further with Maybe.) In a different context, he adds: “A media company is basically anything that communicates with people