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MySpace Strategy Could Be Shifting To Meet Facebook: Report

The FT is claiming a “scoop of interpretation” from an interview with MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, suggesting a change in approach to be more open to third-party developers a la competitor Facebook. (Unlike some other coverage lately, the FT does point out that Facebook still has less than half as many users as MySpace. In another place, it’s described as “little more than a third.”) DeWolfe called the Facebook platform “interesting” and said MySpace already provides many of the same benefits but “we’ll probably offer users the choice of both. … We’ll be bringing in more developers.”

If you came in late, MySpace already is open to third-party developers but doesn’t allow monetization on the social network without a separate agreement. Does this mean a specific change in that policy? Your guess, etc.

2 Responses to “MySpace Strategy Could Be Shifting To Meet Facebook: Report”

  1. Peter Kazanjy

    More important than the fact that MySpace doesn't allow monetization: it does provide for a means by which outside developers can access and leverage the social graph information (who's friends with whom) MySpace is built around. That's the big opprtunity.