Tamil Literature On The Mobile


Sangam Literature is being converted into mobile format by MobileVeda, a startup being incubated at the Vellore Institute of Technology, reports UNI. 42 books, including Thirukurral, Patthupattu, Ettuthogai and Silapathikaram, are available for download at their site thinnai.info, though it does require registration. The company intends to launch a platform for converting any content into mobile books, and I guess they’ll have to watch out for piracy then.

I had tried their first release – a Java based mobile book on the Periyar movement. There was very little there in terms of the usability: no help file to assist in navigating the document, no hyperlinks for accessing various sections/chapters. The only menu option is “Exit”, and the only saving grace is that every time you load the book, it starts where you’d left off. Otherwise, it’s just like a text file, only smaller in terms of filesize. The content for the Periyar book has been provided by Dravidar Kazhagam. (release).



Well though it seems mobileveda is currently following is a service provider independent model, they are getting huge interests from newspaper groups and publishers. recently in the TIE chennai meeting i happened to interact with Ganesh the CEO of mobileveda and he was showing me the demo of the mobile newspaper and mobile brochure they have developed. it seems the mobile brochure they had developed will be a gr8 option for companies to distribute their brochures to prospective customers via WAP push!


well, the periyar book was free. it's downloadable online, so not dependent on service provider. dont know what the revenue model will be, though…perhaps advertisements inserted into books…


I think the costs for this will be too big coparing with the benefits….when to read literature from moile? While travelling? Is the product functionality depending on service provider?

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