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Industry Moves: NBCU-NWS JV Gets CEO — Former Amazon Exec Jason Kilar

This just in … NewCo finally has a CEO. Former Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) exec Jason Kilar starts work July 9. Kilar was at Amazon for nearly a decade, writing the business plan (or says the release) for Amazon’s entry in to video and DVD sales. He served as VP/GM of that unit, VP/GM of Amazon’s North American media businesses, and as SVP-worldwide application software. In that last post, he reported to Jeff Bezos and dealt with media storage and serving, community, metadata, automated merchandising — aspects that could come in handy for a new company establishing a major online network and dealing with mass media distribution.

This job adds in the layer of working for two powerful media companies: the announcement today was made by News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). CEO Peter Chernin and NBCU (NSDQ: CMCSA) CEO Jeff Zucker.

Maybe now the company will get a name and with it a brand, marketing and all that jazz. Another missing piece: private equity investors willing to put in $100 million on a $1 billion valuation, a mission we first reported on last month.

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  1. Hashim – At one time, Kilar headed the division that sells DVDs and music, which was a great success and I don't believe he worked on the entry into digital downloading of video (Unbox) as he was SVP of worldwide application software at the time…