Cellfish Launches Mobile Social Site and Content Locker

Lagadere subsidiary Cellfish has launched a new mobile service which combines a community site, video/photo sharing and mobile content locker. There’s nothing particularly new about any of the components — mobile social networks have been around for a while, a lot of companies offer easy ways to transfer content between mobile phones and PCs and Oasys launched a mobile locker way back in January 06 — didn’t help them much. Still, from a first look it seems Cellfish has integrated all the functions pretty well.

The site lets people create a web page which they can personalize with their own content as well as with other people’s content using “panels”, which creates a community site (like MySpace) and also share photos and videos (like Flickr or YouTube). Content can be uploaded over the air from the phone to be shared, or kept private in the “mobile locker” — which is intended to store all the content on the phone so it isn’t lost if the phone is, or during upgrades. The content can also be downloaded over the air, not just the community content but commercial content including RSS feeds. The portal also allows users to broadcast their content from their mobile phone to other mobile phones.

All these things have been around for a while, but Cellfish does seem to combine them pretty effective. It’s also got one more thing going for it which gives this service an edge over competitors: Cellfish is a pretty major mobile content vendor in its own right, with sites like BlingTones, Barrio Mobile and Wicked Betty, which are available through the site. There’s a series of videos on YouTube explaining how the site works (note to presenter: Learn how to say “Cellfish” so it doesn’t sound like “selfish”).

Disclaimer: Cellfish is a sponsor.