Hey Guys, What Constitutes a View?

TubeMogul, a video analytics startup, has tried to discern what, exactly, various video hosting sites measure as a “view.” It’s an interesting experiment with interesting conclusions.


It turned out Yahoo Video had the most stringent requirements for upticking the view counter, not even registering any views in embedded players. On the other hand, Revver was the least picky, registering any initiated play as a view (though apparently, prior to a procedure change in March, the site had been more strict, only counting completed plays).

TubeMogul concludes that the video hosting sites should standardize what constitutes a video view to reduce complexity and better attract advertisers. Indeed, these inconsistencies indicate this is an immature market.

As for methodoloy, TubeMogul made efforts to test the measurements itself by making videos private and controlling their watching, but in some cases had to ask the hosting companies for additional information. For more detailed assessments, check out the TubeMogul blog, where the full report is to be released later today.

TubeMogul, which we first covered in March, got its start winning a UC Berkeley business plan competition. Competitors include Holt Labs’ Vidmetrix, though there’s still quite a bit of opportunity for others to get into this space.


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