Screencast: Automator Plugins


ottoSince Tiger was released it has seemed to me that Automator was one of the unsung heroes that shipped with the operating system. I’m guessing more people use it than we hear about, but just in case, I wanted to show off the use of Automator when saving workflows as plugins, rather than Automator Workflow Apps.

Automating Free Music (mov)
10 mins / 102mb

The ‘Free Music’ part has to do with the fun weekly mixes found at, nothing shady, so don’t fear the reaper…

Oh, and if the audio is a wee bit quiet, my apologies – I had to use a different mic last night, in a different space than I normally record these things. Hopefully it’s not too bad, but it was a one time circumstance. But as always, feedback is welcome regardless.

Ali’s getting pushy ;) and wanted the Automator Workflows I’ve already created. And here they are….Do your worst!



Automator is a great app. It’s up there with Quicksilver (almost) for me.
There’s so many things you can do with it. And with the new version in Leopard you can supposedly record any actions you do & put them in workflows.
Can’t wait.


Could we please have a link to the icon set that you are using for your folders

Adam Turetzky

@Nick – Thanks! Somehow I missed the nuggets in that article!! Checking it out now!! Based on the appearance from the screencast it’s going to replace my longtime reliance on MenuMeters for at least that function. :D

Ali Karbassi

I know I’m pushy! ;) I actually spent some time and created an Automator workflow that goes out and downloads from FREE (truely free) music blogs. I’ll post it tomorrow.

Adam Turetzky

Ugh, I hate to be the guy that does this (one seems to pop up in the comments of every Mac screencast LOL) but, what is the program that appears to be the CPU monitor in your menu bar? It doesn’t appear to be any type of setting I can mimic in MenuMeters with that grey backdrop?


Nick, this is fantastic, I always wanted to play with automator and this really helped. Any way to delete the folders left on the desktop as part of the action?


The audio is very quiet again, I have to turn my sound all the way up to hear it :(

Ian Hay

my favourite Automator is the kill and restart Quicksilver one, comes in handy when mucking about with new Applescripts and they hang QS up :)

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