Quick Tip: Keeping Earbuds Un-Tangled


Any iPod owner knows that the earbuds cable gets tangled very easily. I can’t claim ownership of this great tip, but don’t recall where I first heard it long ago. Anyhow, it’s very simple to do, essentially giving the “Rock on!” hand gesture, and looping the cord figure-8 wise around your extended fingers. I took this as an opportunity to try out the video service, Vimeo . (Viddler kept erroring out – grrr) Hope you find the tip useful!

Untangled Earbuds Trick
from nick



It seems to me that if you have to wind the cord around the iPhone anyway, this device isn’t that useful, since winding the cord keeps it untangled anyway. But it blocks your screen. Try a BudSock instead: http://www.budsock.com/


That’s a good way of keeping them untangled. I will have to try it for sure. I love my ipod. Love it so much I had to get another battery. needbattery.com has them for cheap with a 1 year warranty.


Exactly Charles. Like I said, Apple already thought about that.

Colin Devroe

Hit me up with the problems you were having with Viddler, I’ll see what was up.

Oh. And great tip! I’m using it right now!


These tricks would work a lot better if you slid the little slider up to the headphone end. A lot of people call this an “earphone cable shortener” and think it’s for shortening the loose cables when the earphones are in your ears, but it really is intended to keep the earphones together when not in use. Most of the the problems with tangled cables comes from the headphone wires, moving the little slider up to the headphone end will eliminate that.

Neil Anderson

You guys are amazing! Thanks! Now if only I could remember where I’ve left the blasted things after putting my iPod on the Hi-Fi.


That’s clever for sure – but I’d have a hell of a time remembering. Still, it’s fun to see though. :)


Why so complicated? The Apple earbuds have a slider builtin, where the two earbuds connect. Just slide it up to the earbuds and enjoy your untanglable earbuds. ;-)

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