MySpace Updates Video Sharing; Calls It TV


As part of its continuing mission to outpace YouTube in video, MySpace is relaunching its 18-month-old video-sharing service in a new place and with a new name. According to the NYT, the social net will set up MySpace TV (the link is not live yet) as an independent site, encouraging users to upload videos — even if they have not registered for MySpace. Short ads will pre-roll before clips. Among the expected changes:

— The site will offer some new ways for MySpace’s 110 million monthly users to integrate the videos they create and watch into their personal profiles, creating a separate TV “channel” for each member page.

— The social net still plans to concentrate heavily on professional video; among other video partnerships like the Sony”Minisodes” that started last week, it’s already signed on as a distributor for the News Corp.-NBCU JV slated for September launch.

— Later this year, MySpace also plans to let users edit and combine videos on MySpace TV into new clips. MySpace acquired the technology for this in May when it bought Flektor.

— MySpace TV will be international from the start, available in 15 countries and 7 languages; YouTube just launched localized sites in nine countries.



This is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morgan Like~

Susan Sharma

If mySpace really wants to score a point with youtube, they need to
1. Make the uploading of short films upto 30 min more user friendly and fast.
2. Muts start paying for content-may be a monthly royalty which could be a small token
or start revenue sharing facilities based on no. of views.

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