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Leopard Might ZFS Afterall

Thank all that’s Holy and good – something other than iPhone to write about! Macrumors reports that Mac Developers have gotten a new seed of Leopard which actually reads and writes to the ZFS [file system]. Many likely don’t care or even understand what this means. But some geeks will be quite pleased if this is indeed where Leopard is headed prior to its release in October.

10 Responses to “Leopard Might ZFS Afterall”

  1. ZFS has had a huge uptake in FreeBSD since it was ported over. it is as well supported in FreeBSD as in solaris apparently. I’ve never seen so much buzz about a file system before. There are people running production stuff on it already.

    I know the ZFS developers are all talking so I suspect
    it’ll benefit on OSX from the work done on FreeBSD as well.

  2. DORKBOY:909

    oomu …. Welcome to the land of the future.. where geek isn’t a four letter word.. Oh yea the 80’s just called they asked me to tell you to move on.. They understand..
    While NERD and GEEK have lost their derogatory meaning, dork hasn’t.. You my boy are a Dork..

    It is popularly asserted that the term originated as whalers’ occupational slang for the penis of a whale, and by transfer became an anatomical insult, undergoing subsequent generalization and amelioration to its present meaning.

  3. Martin Hauser


    Zfs was one of the things i really really hoped for seeing in leopard both read and write. I hadn’t had a chance to play with it yet (as the only non-mac computer i’ve got accesss too is with some linux distribution and zfs-fuse i’m not yet sure to launch onto a production machine). Still i’m kinda hoping ZFS will come, i guess all those features will really improve the way your machine works under the hood.

    I don’t consider HFS being bad, i never had trouble with it, but ZFS so far just beats any other filesystem for me so far

  4. To be or not to be a geek, that is NOT the question.

    Thanks Nick for posting something besides the iPhone. Though, I did enjoy the one about pricing.

    It’s not the onslaught of iPhone posts that are annoying, it’s the speculations. More meat, less milk, says I!

  5. Haha, Wow! oomu – I consider myself a geek, so know it wasn’t derogatory. Not to mention that the link under said phrase was to a very geeky and intelligent friend who just happens to live and breath ZFS.

    Not that I should have to defend myself either way, but I’m excited and hoping ZFS is indeed included in Leopard, despite the well-rounded HFS OS X currently uses.

  6. Saadiq

    Damn. Sounds like you hit a nerve. Ooomu, I don’t think the use of the word “geeks” was meant in pejorative manner. The author is clearly interested in ZFS and I can’t imagine he was trying to imply anything negative about anyone else similarly interested.

    Your point is well taken, but give the benefit of the doubt.

  7. I do not need insult.

    yes I understand why zfs is _really_ good for ALL PEOPLE (even my grandma) but noo, I’m not a mere looser geek.

    think zfs as “better file management for mac”, and you will see, you will be still human in front of girls.

    stop trying to be cool in dishing technology and people understanding or knowing it.

    An “apple blog” speaking about Operating systems and so many tiny specifics stuffs about computers from apple is NOT MORE COOL than knowing ZFS or HPFS+ or whatever Acronym you hear today !

    RSS is for geeks
    knowing what means “ftp” is for geeks
    VOIP is geeks stuff too
    “Tending to the Open With Context Menu” is a subject for geeks.
    and so on.